The campus grounds of the University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby welcomed the eighth Buk bilong Pikinini library in October 2011. This is the sixth library in the capital city, where many children are unable to attend school due to the exorbitant school fees but where, ironically, there seems to be an unstoppable thirst for libraries. Families that are unable to send all their children to school in Port Moresby, welcomed this addition to our cache of libraries, giving them this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to educate their children from a young age.

Scope of learning:
The UPNG library has become deeply integrated into the community. Parents who work on the university grounds as gardeners and cleaners are already praising the library and its staff for providing an education to their children who, before the establishment of the library, spent their time wandering the university and nearby areas aimlessly waiting for their parents to finish work.  
The library has also been welcomed with open arms to the campus site by the Vice Chancellor Professor Ross Hynes. He has generously welcomed Buk bilong Pikinini to open libraries on all University of Papua New Guinea grounds across the country. Buk bilong Pikinini is humbled and grateful for this offer as access to land in PNG is often the biggest challenge when it comes to establishing a community project.

Our sponsors:
Oxford University Press and Hastings Deering are the joint sponsors of this library.
John Ritchie from Hastings Deering is a strong supporter of Buk bilong Pikinini and has also set up storage space for BbP on their grounds.              
This library is sponsored by:

Our precious children and teacher-librarians:

Josephine, who has learnt to read at Six Mile, read to over      The Oxford University Press delegation; Irene Sawzak,

100 invited guests! A proud moment for Founder   Richard Harms, Tom Harms and Nick Nicolau.

Anne-Sophie Hermann.



Buk bilong Pikinini's former Executive Director, Ali Nott, announced the Bilum of Books programme which enables schools and

literacy-focused organisations to borrow a number of books from our stock. 



Co-sponsor, John Ritchie from Hastings Deering is a                Vice-Chancellor of UPNG, Pr. Ross Hynes, announcing

strong supporter of Buk bilong Pikinini. Hastings Deering          that Buk bilong Pikinini would be welcome to establish

has also set up book storage space for BbP on their grounds.   libraries on UPNG land across PNG!


This library is sponsored by: