The location of our Koki Market library was a fortuitous one, in that we inherited a former community library building which was very run down and unused and located at the centre of the markets. The first “draft” opening of the Koki Markets library in the existing building took place in November 2010. Thereafter, with the generous help of Curtain Brothers who carried out an extensive renovation, the building was restored and Buk bilong Pikinini re-opened the newly refurbished Koki Markets Community Library in November 2011.

Scope of learning:
The refurbished library offers members of this community access to both new and ex-library books and we still hope to make more improvements to this library and attract funding for an adult literacy programme.
The Koki library is one of Port Moresby’s busiest libraries and many of our children who attend this library have never had access to education before and are faced with extreme poverty. These children often accompany their parents who run market stalls and therefore spend their days wandering about the marketplace which is often unsafe and dirty. Providing these children with a place that is especially for them where they are able to learn and grow in a safe, healthy environment was a priority for us.

Our sponsors:
The Koki Markets Community Library is sponsored by Curtain Brothers and ExxonMobil.

Our precious children and teacher-librarians:
More than 200 children, many who come from the nearby Koki fishing village, attend this library every day of the week. Our Head Teacher-Librarian Veronica is doing a most extraordinary job to give the children a chance of one day becoming literate.




This library is sponsored by: