Koki Community Library

The first anniversary of the Buk bilong Pikinini library at Koki Markets was celebrated on the 11th of November 2011.  

Ocean theme: looking after the sea

On 1st. June 2011 Rachael James, Miss PNG came to launch Buk bilong Pikinini's theme for the month of June which is OCEAN. Buk bilong Pikinini is supporting the Bank of South Pacific's campaign of Go Green to try to encourage the children who attend our libraries to be more aware of their environment. This month, as well as focusing on the whole aspect of what is in the Ocean, learning how to write, read, draw and make some of the marine life that lives in the sea off the coast of Port Moresby, Buk bilong Pikinini wanted to emphasise the importance of keeping the sea clean. The kids were very interested in all of Miss PNG's slides and they seemed to understand the value of their neighbour, the sea!
On 7th. June 2011 these 12 lucky kids from the Buk bilong Pikinini Koki Markets Library went on a field trip to Fisherman''s Island. The theme for June is OCEAN and to explore this even further, we decided to take 12 of the kids who have been the most regular and attentive and those that are really trying to make progress with their reading, on an Ocean visit. We went by speedboat (kindly loaned plus crew to us for the morning by POMSAC, the Port Moresby Sub Aqua Club, life jackets supplied by the Royal Papua Yacht Club) to the Island and the children marvelled at the seas different colours. 

Once again Miss PNG and the BSP Go Green campaign joined us for this trip, to promote the importance of keeping the ocean clean and protecting this valuable marine environment. Once on the island Buk bilong Pikinini spent time with the kids at the school and others, who don't attend school because they are too young or, parents do not think education is important! Books were read, pictures were drawn and shells were gathered from the sea to make an Ocean Collage. 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip, librarians, staff, BbP kids and the Fisherman Islanders. One of the outcomes of the visit was that we are hoping the Islanders will use our library at Koki Markets when they come into town to sell their fish and that we can send out a box of books on a regular basis for the Island to read and then exchange for another box when all are read.