Buk bilong Pikinini's outreach program

The Buk bilong Komuniti Program (BbKP) builds on the strengths of BbP’s existing programs and resources to assist schools and communities with the re-establishment of school libraries and enable the communities to set up literacy programs to support the children's education. The program has been divided into three modules to allow BbP to respond and tailor programs to different donor and community needs.

The BbKP makes book donations to schools and communities upon request (Module 1). BbP is able to provide selected community educators with training, books and resources through a partnership with a District Administration or donor (Module 2) and also cater for donor organisations wishing to establish a library in the area in which they operate/do business - by providing the necessary consultation, training and resources they need to establish one or more libraries and deliver an early childhood literacy program for their target community (Module 3). 



Book donations 

Module 1

Buk bilong Pikinini receives the donation of thousands of high quality books every month through our networks in Australia. In order to help increase literacy rates in all provinces of Papua New Guinea we are able to assist schools and communities with a donation of books and literacy materials to support with the re-establishment of school and community libraries. The books for our Buk bilong Komuniti Program are packed into kits of 300 at our Canberra Office and contain: 

• Children’s picture & story books, early readers and young adult reading materials 

• Teachers' reference materials, manuals and text books

• Dictionaries and general reference books

• Magazines, activity books and stationary

These books are perfect for all age groups (Elementary, Primary and Secondary) and are available for donation upon request. Please fill out the form attached and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - so we can start organising the donation. BbP is not able to cover the transport costs to send the books to your community but can try to help to find a solution with the assistance of our logistics partners.



Training, book donation and resources 

Module 2 

This module is suitable for communities with low literacy rates, where there is a great need for books and literacy materials and where a storage facility has already been identified. The community would also be interested in running literacy classes and may also have identified one or more volunteers who are available to be trained to conduct early childhood literacy classes.

BbP is able to offer training in our BbKP literacy program (which includes literacy, library management, phonics, etc), provide BbP developed resources (handbooks, games, charts, etc.) and make a donation of 1000 books.

The donor will be assisting the community by paying for the training, travel, materials transport costs and BbP resources (excluding the books which are a gift from BbP).

The training would consist of a two week Buk bilong  Komuniti Program in-house training program. BbKP staff are certified trainers who are able to deliver an instructive and efficient course on how to conduct a simple early childhood literacy program to be followed by the possibility of a one month placement in a Buk bilong Pikinini library in either Port Moresby or a regional library. During this month’s placement the volunteer would get much-needed practical experience and would be capable of running a simple Early Childhood literacy program upon the return to their community. Upon completion of the training program the volunteer/s would receive copies of the BbP developed curriculum handbooks, literacy games, 1000 children’s books (same as described in module 1) and other literacy resources (handbooks, games charts) developed by BbP. 

Consultancy for library establishment 

Module 3 

This module comes as close as possible to a traditional Buk bilong Pikinini library establishment, set up with a corporate donor/s or NGO. The main difference lies with the set up and running of the library, which as part of BbKP is fully the responsibility of the donor. 

Module 3 would suit communities with low literacy rates which have a great need for books, literacy materials, early childhood literacy classes and library services. This module would require a 3-5 year Memoradum of Understanding between BbP and the donor to ensure that the program receives the necessary quality and standard which have become the BbP trademark.

BbP will be supporting the donor during the initial set-up phase with consultation on library requirements and fit out, staff qualification requirements, community awareness, etc. Once the library has been built the BbKP team would travel to the site to conduct base-line tests (for on-going monitoring) and would provide the selected staff and the donor representative with training as to how to conduct enrolment and set up a simple library loans system.

Just as Module 2, the selected teachers/educators (paid by the donor) would start attending the BbP in-house training program (this is the traditional BbP library training program as distinct from the BbKP course) to be followed by a one month placement in a Buk bilong Pikinini library in either Port Moresby or a regional library. During this month-long placement the donor-sponsored teacher/educators would get much needed practical experience and would be capable of running a comprehensive Early Childhood Literacy Program upon the return to their new community library. Upon completion of the training program the donor will receive copies of the BbP developed curriculum handbooks, literacy games, 2000-3000 children’s books (same as described in module 1) and other educational toys that BbP would normally include in a library fit out. 

BbKP will set up M&E system for module 3 trainees and will provide the donor with a six-monthly monitoring and evaluations report to provide the donor with a progress report as well as an indication of the staff member’s performance and general recommendations. The BbKP team will spend up to 5 days in the library per year to provide guidance to staff and to undertake the M&E data collection.